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Prince Hotels to grace Tourism EXPO Japan

Prince Hotels to grace Tourism EXPO Japan

A leading international Japanese hotel chain that is always looking to the future will be exhibiting at the upcoming Tourism EXPO Japan tourism trade fair in Tokyo. This important event will take place from September 20-23, 2018.

In Japan, Prince Hotels and Resorts opened a series of large-scale hotels particularly in the Tokyo metropolitan area and has a line-up of 42 hotels. The hotel group is known for being attentive to its guests’ every need and strives to provide the highest level of service and hospitality fitted for any guest situation, whether in a business or resort leisure setting.

The Prince Hotels and Resorts intends to consolidate its extensive network of city hotels, resort hotels, golf courses, and ski resorts in order to provide facilities and services which meet the needs of its guests in a manner befitting one of Japan’s largest hotel leisure businesses. Another important goal for the hotel group is to remain in step with society through environmentally-friendly sound management.

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