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Ryanair strengthens union agreements

Ryanair strengthens union agreements

Ryanair and the FIT-CISL union signed an agreement for union recognition in Italy.

To this agreement, with the acronym representing 35% of low-cost workers in the country, this one is being added to the one already reached a few weeks ago with ANPAC and ANPAV.

Together, the three organizations will represent a delegation of negotiation for cabin crew directly employed by Ryanair in Italy that will be operational from July 24, 2018. The objective of the table that will open is to start negotiations for a collective labor agreement.


At the same time, the same industrial relations protocol was also signed with the Crewlink and Workforce recruitment agencies, which employ crew based in Italy on Ryanair (65% of staff) and FIT-CISL, ANPAC, and ANPAV aircraft.

The agencies will apply the same contract as Ryanair’s direct employees. “Therefore, at the end of the negotiation all the flying personnel will enjoy the same economic and normative treatment without distinction of base of belonging or of employer,” emphasizes the note of the union. Finally, FIT-CISL, ANPAC, and ANPAV specify that they have not declared strikes for workers engaged with Ryanair.


Following this recognition and the agreement with the trade union Ver.di concerning on-board personnel in Germany, Ryanair announces that negotiations for collective labor contracts have been initiated for more than 66% of its staff in its main markets, eg., Italy, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

The challenge now for the Irish low-cost is to follow the same path with the crew on-board in Spain, Portugal, and Belgium. In these countries, in fact, there are 2 days of strike on July 25 and 26 which will cause over 600 flights to be canceled by Ryanair.

Antonio Piras, general secretary of FIT-CISL, was satisfied: “The signing of this agreement is historic. In Ryanair, most of the workforce is young and some consider them unjustly B-type workers. But the union not only proves to be able to represent them, but works effectively to give them common, regulatory, and economic rules and protections.”

“We are pleased to sign this recognition agreement today with FIT CISL in Italy. This is a further demonstration of the progress that Ryanair is making towards the trade unions, supporting our decision, made in December 2017, to recognize them: over 66% of our on-board personnel are now protected by recognition agreements,” said Eddie Wilson , chief officer of the Irish carrier. “We hope to sign further agreements in the coming weeks in countries where the trade unions have dealt with these negotiations with a practical and positive attitude.”