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San Francisco residents get sneak peak at China’s Guizhou province

San Francisco residents get sneak peak at China’s Guizhou province

One of China’s best kept secrets comes to San Francisco

Residents of downtown San Francisco were recently given a sneak peak at the one of China’s best kept secrets that offers a respite from swarms of tourists and the same international companies typically found in every other major travel destination.

The Guizhou Municipal Government of China, Guizhou Tourism Development Committee on September 27, 2016 partnered with the Sino-American Friendship Association, (SAFA) to put the spotlight on this hidden gem at one of San Francisco’s biggest tourism, business and cultural exchange promotional events.

The event, ‘Mountain Park, Colorful Guizhou’ San Francisco Tourism Promotion,’ was held near downtown San Francisco and featured tourism agencies, government officials and executives from China and the United States coming together to share their global insights on topics ranging from technology and tourism development, along with their ideas for cultural exchange throughout the United States and China.

Mr. Chen, Gang, Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Guizhou Provincial Committee and Secretary of the CPC Guiyang Municipal Committee, said at the event, “Guizhou is an amazing place with timeless scenic landscapes and endless stories to tell. I welcome tourists to this western province of China to appreciate the charm of this rising travel destination.”

Besides its natural beauty, Guizhou has been attracting big investments from government and enterprise to enhance the region’s big data industry development and has seen the growth of a hot computing field that involves analyzing massive amounts of data collected by Internet companies to reveal emerging trends. San Francisco’s reputation of being a global hub for Internet technology sets the tone for a burgeoning relationship between the two cities as Guizhou’s big data and technology industry is steadily on the rise.
The Sino-American Friendship Association (SAFA), which organized the event, has made it its mission to introduce China’s rising travel destinations to global travelers throughout the United States.

“China is a vast country with thousands of years of culture, history and some of the world’s most exotic landscapes. Our goal is to make  American tourists more familiar with all of the travel destinations China has to offer, many of which, people have never heard of before,” said Peter Zhang, President of  SAFA.

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