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Seychelles Tourism Minister meets the press in the Middle East

Seychelles Tourism Minister meets the press in the Middle East

Minister Alain St.Ange, the Seychelles Minister responsible for Tourism, Civil Aviation, Ports and Marine, who is in Dubai and Abu Dhabi for a short working visit, met press members yesterday who he said he missed two weeks ago when he was again in Dubai to address the Conde Nast Traveller Forum.

Members of the press present at this dedicated Seychelles briefing are not knew to Seychelles and its tourism industry as they have all covered at one point in time the annual Seychelles Carnaval International de Victoria. “You have all been to our islands. You know the Seychelles and the tourism industry of our islands. You have all had the chance to discover the exceptional beauty of our islands and the culture of our people,” said Minister St.Ange to the gathered press.

This was the first such meeting with these press members since Minister Alain St.Ange was allocated more portfolios in the recent Government Cabinet Reshuffle in Seychelles by President Danny Faure.

“Today we can say that our tourism industry is faring well and in-fact it is even going against the trends. We are plus 10% plus in visitor arrival numbers over last year and we have today been able to attract more airlines to serve our islands. We are today better connected to the world than ever before. Our Air Seychelles will be increasing its direct non-stop flights to Paris as it introduces flights, also direct non-stop, to Dusseldorf in Germany. We shall also be having two weekly flights to Durban in South Africa over and above the existing flights to Johannesburg,” said Minister St.Ange.

The Middle East and the GCC Countries are today a key tourism source market for Seychelles. “This is expected with today 14 fights from Abu Dhabi and 14 flight from Dubai every week. From the coming December, we shall be having a further 7 flights per week from Qatar. We are but four hours away and require no visa for holidaying in Seychelles. All is moving well and we just need to consolidate what we have achieved,” the Seychelles Minister said.

After a lengthy question and answer session a rendezvous was given for all the press present to meet again in Seychelles.

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Seychelles is a founding member of the International Coalition of Tourism Partners (ICTP).