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Spanish national nightlife association demands 20 years of prison for resort nightclub murderer

Spanish national nightlife association demands 20 years of prison for resort nightclub murderer

Spanish national nightlife association released the following letter today, demanding 20 years of prison for the presumed murderer of a young Italian at a nightclub in Lloret de Mar:

Dear all,

Regarding the tragic events occurred at a nightclub in Lloret de Mar (Spain) early morning last Saturday, we would first, on behalf of the INTERNATIONAL NIGHTLIFE ASSOCIATION, like to convey our deepest condolences to the family of the young Italian but at the same time energetically condemn the events that took place, as in the nightlife sector we do not tolerate any form of violence in leisure environments.

Also, our rejection of violence is not only expressed in words, but also with facts, and for that motive our Spanish association (SPAIN NIGHTLIFE) has decided to be appointed as a POPULAR PROSECUTOR against the alleged perpetrator of the events (Rassoul Bissoultanov), whom we consider the sole responsible of the tragedy that has unjustly ended the life of a peaceful 22 year old Italian man, and at the same time, has severly damanged the image of a Spanish discotque with 55 years of history, as well as, the entire Spanish nightlife sector and also the international one. Therefore, as we have stated, we have decided to become a POPULAR PROSECUTOR through SPAIN NIGHTLIFE, and now for the first time in Spain, an examening magistrate investigating judge, has agreed to accept a national-level nightlife association as a popular accusation, which fills us with complete satisfaction. Thus, as a prosecuter next to the club’s private prosecution, we will demand a 20 year prison sentence, for the alleged perpetrator of the events and prusumed murderer for the deadly kick that ended with the life of the young Italian. We consider that MALICE AFORTHOUGHT or treason occured, since at the moment of the fatal kick, the attacker (with martial arts skills) knew that the victim could not defend himself, since he was kneeling without looking up at the attacker. In this sense, we hope that this request for 20 years of imprisonment, which we intend to request at the time, will sentece the PRESSUMED MURDERER, serving as a sufficient punishment for the irreparable damage caused as well as a disuatation for other people who think about using violence in nightlife lesure spaces and staining the image of the sector freely.

From the INTERNATIONAL NIGHTLIFE ASSOCIATION, we recently published a comic sketch series a few months back, warning about the risks of violent and incorrect behaviour during nightlife hours, as a preventative action campaign. The comic series, starring coincidently, an Italian heroine known as “LADY TABATA” and titled “ENJOY A RESPONSIBLE NIGHT” are available for download in several languages at the following link: . Precisely, the 4th chapter of the series is about a fight resulting in a deadly ending where the 20 year old perpetrator is sentenced to first degree murder. The title of the chapter is “Worth It?”. The General Secretary of the INTERNATIONAL NIGHTLIFE ASSOCIATION, Joaquin Boadas de Quintana, Has asked government administrations for more involvement and support in the implementation of awareness and pedagogical campaigns to prevent events such as these from happening in the future by exposing, “ We can not afford to have tragedies like this in the 21st century, in which a night of fun ends with the life of a 22 year old man because of a senseless fight. We must work on pedogogy and education as the future of a very important sector for international tourism is at risk and administrations should invest more in and awareness and prevention. In addition, from the International Association we are holding international congresses where we highlite the importance of nightlife safety and at the same time we are developing a nightlife safety seal for nightlife venues, so we are not willing to tolerate that an umpresentable person destroys the image of a discotheque with 55 years of history and of an entire business sector in 30 seconds, so we will go against the same “.

For more information, do not hesitate in contacting us at 902.099.500 or via email at a

Kind regards,

International Nightlife Association
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