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Theater hotel brand will have its first stores in Cancun and Arab countries

Theater hotel brand will have its first stores in Cancun and Arab countries

First The Move Hotel begins construction in the coming months in Cancun, with an investment of 200 million dollars

The Move Hotel, brand new hotel that combines luxury accommodations and performing arts, will begin its career with two locations: one in Cancun, whose construction will begin in the coming months, and one in the Arab countries.

Marco Mendoza, head of the project, is currently in negotiations to determine the order of inaugurations of both hotels, which will be decided in the coming weeks.

Tourist Talent Networking Forum, held in Madrid, was the venue chosen by businessman Marco Mendoza to advance the keys to his new project, The Move Hotel, the first Hotel- Theatre in the world. During his speech, Mendoza revealed that his forecast is that the first The Move Hotel begins construction in the coming months in Cancun, with an investment of 200 million dollars.

Similarly, he noted that there is already a second Hotel-Theatre designed, whose location is currently under study, but it will be an important tourist destination in the Arab countries. “We are evaluating and weighing what is the most appropriate destination, we want the project to develop the most solid and viable as possible,” said Mendoza during his speech, also stating that “in the future we would like to bring The Move Hotel to Spain” .

Architecturally conceived as a large theater, The Move Hotel will have its own artistic programming, which will include its own ballet and symphony orchestra, and will offer performances of the leading artists on the international scene. “Our goal is to create content, have a different product to speak for itself through culture and quality entertainment”, said Mendoza.

The whole experience The Move Hotel revolves around the concept of entertainment and performing arts, involving customer throughout their stay. Structurally, the hotel will be designed as a theater, with suites-box from which you can admire the scenery while enjoying the comfort of luxury accommodation. Similarly, the hotel will host animations in different areas of it and staff will have artistic training.

“We want to reach all kinds of people, those who want to enjoy a particular show, without pigeonholing in the luxury segment, all customers will be VIP for us,” said Mendoza. “Perhaps the best definition of our audience is that anyone who wants to get a luxury living a great experience.”

Resorts and City

The project The Move Hotel is part of the creation by Marco Mendoza of holding Resort and City, from which are developing different business lines. These include the acquisition and establishment of joint ventures with different companies as Beautiful Destinations, Shooter Travel, Loca FM, Magnétic, Vicious and Let’s Biz, among others, with the aim of creating a center for content creation and experiential and integrate technologically through Big Data. This holding company will have a database of more than 9 million users, doubling the sum of all the companies competing in this segment and being the most powerful boot seen so far in the sector.

On the other hand, has also launched The City Key, the largest operator of inbound tourism in the area of the Arabian Gulf, which, in addition to services such as transfers, offers: App, destination information, and service travel designers and as planners especially for private and corporate clients.

Finally, Resorts and City will launch various projects in the hotel segment: Cocoon, aimed at the elderly and Wonder, specialized in children with disabilities or special needs. There is also in project sustainable hotels building with zero emissions.

Colloquium on luxury tourism

During the forum, Marco Mendoza also had the opportunity to participate in the symposium, ‘Profile of the Director for Luxury Tourism Companies ‘ which exchanged views with Manuel García, representative of the AEDH and former Vice Sheraton and Starwood Hotels, and Juan Torregrosa, Corporate Operations Director for Only You Hotels and Ayre Hoteles.

During the debate interesting issues such as the concept of luxury, which everyone agreed defined as “the ability to respond to customer needs”, later moving to discuss ways to anticipate these needs were addressed. “There is much literature on this,” said Mendoza, “really all we can do is have a lot of information about customers, know how to consume, but it really is difficult to have prior information”.

The views of the speakers agreed point as important as fulfilling customer expectations as one of the key points of the segment of luxury aspects. “When someone pays for a luxury product or service the demand is higher, more expectations are generated but if not met, this creates a very negative assessment by the client,” Mendoza said. The story of the day came when Manuel Garcia, a professional with decades of experience in senior management, headed for Marco Mendoza to tell him that “if I were 20 years younger I would give you my resume.”

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