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Turkish Airlines, Ireland & Seychelles: Forging great partnerships

Turkish Airlines, Ireland & Seychelles: Forging great partnerships

New collaboration between Turkish Airlines, Ireland’s travel trade, and Seychelles.

It was a great opportunity for the Seychelles Tourism Board and its trade partners to meet and mingle with the cream of the Irish travel trade selling the Seychelles Islands as well as supporting Turkish Airlines.

The Seychelles Tourism Board office in London and some of the Seychelles trade partners were invited to an event in Dublin recently by the Turkish Airlines Irish Office on the Monday, October 3, 2016.

It was an event that was well turned out and supported by the Irish travel agents and media alike. It showed the great support that Turkish Airlines enjoys in this market, and with the assistance of the airline, it will eventually allow the Seychelles to further forge into the Irish market, giving access to some of the Irish travel trade that the country has not had the opportunity to work with in the past as the destination was not featured in sales portfolios.

“With this new collaboration between the airline and the trade, it will bid for the development of new business for the Seychelles,” said Miss Tinaz Wadia, the Manager of the Seychelles Tourism Office in London, under whom the management of the Irish market also falls. She went on to say: “Although the numbers from this region a few years ago were small, it has certainly progressively grown year on year, and with the help and assistance of all of our airline partners and the travel trade both in Ireland and in the Seychelles, we would hope to grow this market a lot further in the future. The market is currently experiencing a 16% increase compared to last year.”

The Irish travel trade was invited by Turkish Airlines and the Seychelles Tourism Board office UK to a cocktail reception to mingle and to a formal sit-down dinner with a large-screen visual presentation of the airline, tourist office, and hotel partners. The General Manager of Turkish Airlines, Ireland, Mr. Hassan Mutlu, welcomed the audience, and after illustrating an introduction to the airline as well as facts and figures pertaining to their impressive recent growth, he introduced a short movie clip of this impressive airline and its philosophy to the audience.

It was followed by an in-depth presentation of the Seychelles islands and the multitude of reasons why it was considered “another world” – brought to life on the large screen by Miss Wadia – followed by further full-screen presentations of some of the wonderful accommodations that the Seychelles provides that were presented by each hotel partner.

In attendance were other members of the Turkish Airlines team based in Ireland:  Onur Gul, Marketing and Advertising Executive; Julienne Curran, Corporate Sales Manager; Alper Sean Kanburoglu; Tinaz Wadia, Seychelles Tourist Office; Ash Behari, Hotel Coco de Mer and Black Parrot Suites; Wendy Tan, Berjaya Hotels Seychelles; Ian Griffiths, Ocean Marketing, representing Carana Beach and Denis Island Private; as well as Lauren Hills, Avenue Sales, representing Savoy Seychelles Resort and Spa.

The warm welcome, dedication, and commitment as well as enthusiasm offered by Turkish Airlines and the excitement that it has portrayed in anticipation of its inaugural flight to the destination, shows that it is serious about fulfilling its flight capacity to the Seychelles and eventually increasing its frequency accordingly.

The support from the Irish travel trade for the destination was overwhelming, and although being a price-sensitive market, Seychelles tourism is confident that passenger numbers from this part of the world to the country’s lovely islands would grow further.

Established in 1933 with a fleet of 5 aircraft, Star Alliance member Turkish Airlines is a 4-star airline with a fleet of 332 (passenger and cargo) aircrafts flying to 291 destinations worldwide (242 international and 49 domestic).

PHOTO (L-R): Julienne Curran, Corporate Sales Manager, Turkish Airlines, Ireland; Lauren Mills, Avenue Sales, Savoy Seychelles Resort and Spa; Wendy Tan, Berjaya Hotels Seychelles; Ian Griffiths, Ocean Marketing, Denis Island Private & Carana Beach; Ash Behari, Coco De Mer & Black Parrot Suites; Tinaz Wadia, Seychelles Tourism Board – London; Hassan Mutlu, Manager, Turkish Airlines (Ireland); Onur Gul, Marketing and Advertising executive, Ireland; Alper Sean Kanburoglu, Turkish Airlines, Ireland

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