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Water is Life for Elephants in scorched Tsavo National Park

Water is Life for Elephants in scorched Tsavo National Park

Patrick Kilonzo, a man few outside his family and workplace may ever heard of until very recently, has shot to instant global conservation fame, when, deeply troubled by the plight of the elephants of Tsavo decided to bring water to them, and other animals on a regular basis. 

Over the past few months has Patrick raised nearly 130.000 US Dollars which was spent in amounts of 250 US Dollars each for water truck trips into the park, where water is released into dried up waterholes. 

Patrick and his volunteering supporters, dubbed Tsavo Volunteers, have to drive some 40 plus kilometres for each trip and their distribution places have now become a beacon of life for not just elephant but also buffalo and other game after waterhold after waterhole has dried up. 

Kenya is undergoing another drought period, its cycles accelerated by global warming and game as well as livestock is now dying on their hoofs for lack of the precious liquid. 

Patrick’s Facebook Page is accessible via and gives further insight into his challenges, to raise funds and deliver water in a timely manner. It is an ideal place to start supporting his efforts, financially and through volunteered time and other resources.

Said Patrick on his funding page as he appeals for more support:

Start quote:

Hello, my name is Patrick Kilonzo Mwalua and I am the Founder of Tsavo Volunteers.  I am asking for your help at this time for the animals of Tsavo. 

It is now very dry in Tsavo and water has become a very precious commodity because there is a shortage of water due to lack of rain. We are not expecting any rain until November and this has got us all very worried of loosing many animals from antelopes to elephants if nothing is done very urgently.

Some years back we lost many animals including elephants due to a prolonged drought. Elephants are becoming endangered from poaching and we need to save the ones we have left by providing water for them until the drought peril is over.   We have many elephants concentrating in very few water holes fighting to drink water and this has made the smaller elephants lacking water.  They become very thirsty and they end up spending a lot of time and energy walking very far distances with young ones searching for water.

We are asking for people to stand with these elephants until this period is over, that is before it rains.

We will be renting water trucks to deliver 12,000 liters of water at least 4 trips a week.  The distance is 45 Kilometers to where water would normally be to save these animals and we will distribute it to 2 different locations to ease the congestion. Remember it is not only elephants we will be saving.  Each tank will cost $250USD. Every donation no matter the size is greatly appreciated and thank you for your support.

I have asked Cher Callaway from our US support staff to help me with this project.  You may contact either of us with any questions you may have‘.

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