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When visiting this Spain resort, watch your drink

When visiting this Spain resort, watch your drink

A seaside resort on the eastern coast of Spain that is a popular Mediterranean holiday destination known for its nightlife is also becoming known for its spiked drinks and robbery.

Thieves are hanging out in the bars in Benidorm, spiking tourists’ drinks with date-rape type drugs, following them, and then when the visitor passes out, they steal whatever they can get.

One tourist was found on a beach after he had been reported missing by his friends. He was okay, but his wallet, phone, and other valuables were gone.

Word to the wise, don’t let your drink out of your hands or your eyesight. Thieves are particularly targeting drunk British tourists and along with drugging drinks are pickpocketing as they pose as sex workers.

Tourists have also reported having their wallets, purses, passports, and even luggage swiped as soon as they step off airport buses outside hotels at this resort spot.

The thieves have been described as gangs, and police in the Benidorm have launched a crackdown, saying the criminals are mainly from Eastern Europe.