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White House not ready to reveal new travel ban

White House not ready to reveal new travel ban

US President Trump stated last week that his administration would reveal a new travel ban this week, but the White House is now saying the release of the revised executive order won’t happen until next week.

No reason was given for the stall.

It appears, however, that the Trump administration plans to basically put out the same travel ban policy with the exception of some changes that it hopes will make it legally tolerant.

The first Trump Travel Ban, as it has become known, blocked Syrian refugees from entering American and prevented seven Muslim-associated countries from entering as well for the next 90 days. However, a federal judge from Washington state issued a restraining order on the ban which was later upheld in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

The White House administration says it plans to continue fighting the initial restraining order, contradicting what lawyers from the US Justice Department said, which is that the administration was going to rescind it.

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