How will Generation Y and Z affect the global tourism and hospitality industry?

HotelsPro, a global technology and hotel reservation solutions provider for travel industry professionals  investigated  the possible effects of Generation Y and Z to the tourism sector. Generation Z is also known as Post-Millennials, the iGeneration. The Generation Y is considered  people born during the 1980s and early 1990s.

Dwelling upon several suggestions on how tourism industry can touch Generation Y, which will hold the biggest share of spending power as of 2020, and Generation Z, which is expected to change the dynamics of tourism industry in 2030; Nevgul Bilsel Safkan, Managing Director of HotelsPro, has listed the expectations and approaches of Generation Y and Z:

1.Generation Y, which has a good command of technology and information, values reliability and transparency. On the other hand, Generation Z, who was born into technology, will appear as a generation who constantly questions and researches.

2.Generation Y makes a decision to take a holiday twice a year. The same situation will also apply to Generation Z. Social media, websites, search engines, friend suggestions and forum websites will be the leading factors of both generations’ decisions.

3.Holiday means relaxation but more of a social activity for Generation Y and Z. Therefore, it will be important for tourism sector and agencies to provide entertainment opportunities for both generation Y and Z.

4.The majority of Generation Y states that they will not buy a service which their friends don’t approve. While paying attention to other’s choices, Generation Y will also affect the buying behaviour of those around. The same situation will also apply to Generation Z.

5.The percentage of Generation Y within internet population is over 55%. It will be around 90% for Generation Z. As part of these ratios, hotels and agencies will have to attach more importance to their appearance on social media and feedbacks about themselves.

6.Generation Y and Z prefer to communicate face to face rather than e-mail and SMS. Therefore, personalized messages and campaigns will make it easier to communicate with these generations.

7.Versatile, simple, clear, easy-to-understand, honest, transparent, sincere and pragmatic approaches, which make them feel free and participant, will stand out among the points touching to Generation Y and Z.

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