Flanders in Belgium welcomes tourists from India

Flanders, Belgium, expects to boost tourist arrivals from India because of some recent steps taken. The new Mumbai-Brussels flight by Brussels Air has increased awareness and made tourism travel easier.

A recent trade event in Mumbai and Delhi helped Indian operators interact with Flanders suppliers, as well as with diplomats conveying visa regulations for Indian travelers.

Another positive step has been the shooting of the popular movie, “PK” which increased awareness and interest in the destination among the Indians. PK was a big budget release back in 2014. The Director Rajkumar Hirani decided on the destination after his visit to Bruges, one of the 4 major cities of Flanders, where he was impressed by its alleys, picturesque canals, verdant ramparts, and elegant mysteriousness.

Karl Van den Bossche, Consul General of Belgium in Mumbai said at the time, “I am sure this will inspire people to visit and experience the city and Belgium, which has so much to offer to Indian travelers.”

Next month, The Diamond Experience Centre is set to open in Antwerp, and this will further help more Indians going to see the new attraction.

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