“Wow effect”: Frankfurt Airport opens Entertainment Gate

Frankfurt Airport’s Pier B has just gained a unique attraction: an eye-catchingly huge LED video wall is now amazing travelers in the area between Gates B44 and B48. It measures no less than 21 meters wide by 1.6 meters high.

Apart from its size, it is a global first in terms of technical sophistication: the convex wall describes a 180° arc or half-circle.

Depending on their perspective and viewing angle, passengers can thus experience the constantly playing video clips quite differently. So far a total of seven of them have been produced, sparing no effort to extravagantly portray the exciting action at the airport and a series of spectacular destinations that can be reached from here.

The airport’s operator, Fraport, has given this unusual new facility the name of “Entertainment Gate”. The installation provides fascinating glimpses, in the form of moving pictures, behind the scenes of this international aviation hub. One film, for example, shows the journey of a suitcase from the check-in counter through the maze of underground tunnels and baggage conveyors to the airport apron and from there into a plane’s belly hold. The other visual highlights include vivid larger-than-life sequences that bring alive the bustle of vibrant megacities like New York and Tokyo across the entire screen.

“The video wall innovatively enriches our broad entertainment and information offering for passengers,” says Thomas Kirner, who heads Fraport AG’s Service Quality department.

“The spectacular intallation creates a genuine ‘wow effect’ and turns the time that travelers spend waiting in the gate area into an experience to write home about.”

Fraport’s motto, “Gute Reise! We make it happen,” expresses its strong commitment to serving passengers and meeting their individual wishes and needs. The airport operator therefore regularly adds new services and facilities while improving existing ones to enhance the customer experience at Germany’s foremost transportation hub.

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